Jim Lettis

Jim attended San Jose State University with a major in Physical Education and a History minor. He retired from 33 years of middle school teaching and moved to Cave Junction in 2002. Now, he can finally devote time to his passion for photography, writing, and travel with his wife, Celia. His recent Chinese fortune cookie read, “You discover treasures where others see nothing unusual.”

Jim takes great pleasure when kids come back to tell him how much they have enjoyed his books.  His first book, The Squire and the White Dragon  is a Camelot spinoff.  His second, How to Catch a Whopper is a whimsical tale full of interesting creatures. Both children’s books are in rhyme which seems to catch children’s interest as young as three years of age.

Jim’s first novel Spirit Bow the Saga of Sean O’Malley is historical fiction. He has received many compliments for the book including one which said it should be required reading for high school history classes during their western expansion unit. Wow!

Jim is also an accomplished photographer and has won ribbons as well as “Best of Class” for photography in our own Josephine County Fair in the semi-professional category. He was one of the artists featured in the “Art About Wine” exhibit at the Grants Pass Art Museum and had a one-man exhibition in Medford’s Craterian Theatre. Jim’s booth is a favorite at the Saturday Arts and Crafts Market (SACM) and at local Art Fairs including Jacksonville, Brookings, and Applegate Valley Days.

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The Squire and the White Dragon by Grandpa Peeps (James Lettis)

This story is a spin-off tale of Camelot. The Squire, Will,  is the adopted son of Merlin the Magician. Will is sent on the dangerous quest to retrieve King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur from the White Dragon, Samantha. This book is written in rhyme and enjoyed by children as young as three.


How to Catch a Whopper by Grandpa Peeps (James Lettis)

This is an imaginative tale of travels through a magical land. In order to truly catch a whopper, one must have the proper equipment. This story explains where this equipment may be found and details its proper use. It is written in rhyme and enjoyed by children of all ages.

We have been told by many children how much they love the books and one boy, even told us they make him want to practice his reading.



Spirit Bow, The Saga of Sean O’Malley by James Lettis

The frontier story begins in 1819 and follows the life of Sean O’Malley from the fateful day when he accidentally kills an Indian boy to his coming of age with the Crow Indians in the present day Montana region. It is appropriate for young adults through adults.

We have been told that it should be required reading for high school students studying Westward Expansion.

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