Carole Beers

Martha Moses Kane—a former rodeo Queen and a shirttail relative of Annie Oakley—sees being an 80-year-old widow as no obstacle but a banquet. By staying fit, loving pets, baking pies for a cafe and her daughter’s Bed, Barn & Breakfast, she blows a raspberry at old age.

But she’s bored. She wants more. Color. Excitement. Maybe a man. When her daughter dragoons her into headlining a Wild West show like her famous 19th-Century sharpshooter cousin, she reluctantly agrees. But practicing is a blast. Especially with her movie-star-handsome older neighbor, Woody Woodhouse. And the new costume fires her up. Her star will rise again.

There’s only one hitch: Woody shot a trespasser on his hemp grow, is rumored to poach elk and deer all over the neighborhood—endangering Martha, her family and resort guests, with her best friend coming to visit. Can Martha realize her desire to live larger, be a role model and stop the poaching? Or will she crash and burn?

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