Cheryl Olson

Cheryl  Olson

I write about listening for the Father’s Heartbeat in all my books. It means that our hearts are to resonate with His Heartbeat. You can find what makes it beat in His Book, the Bible, or what is called in my Kinder Vella series. I’m working on a novel to be upload by summer 2023.

Christ has a special love for his Bride and adores her beyond any imagination. The story of the relationship of Joshua and Beth describes the faithfulness of Joshua as Beth comes to personally experience his love. Through circumstances and the trials of life, Beth learns how much love Joshua and his Father have for her. Follow Beth’s journey from the destruction of her home to her job at Awaken Insurance and her trip through Doubters’ Hollow as she visits the Father’s Cabin for the first time. Meet the people who help—and hinder—her along the way—Merle, Gabe, Holly, Raul, Maggie, the pastor, her own parents and more. Her journey prepares her for what is to come. The Father’s Cabin waits for her when she is ready to receive it.

In the follow-up story to the revolutionary novel, The Father’s Cabin, Joshua and Holly again work together with the help of Lady Wisdom. Beth’s friend Sara has a destiny as a future princess. But she has a long road to travel before she becomes the woman she has been created to be. Traffickers kidnap Sara as a young girl and sell her to fulfill their vile desires. Boss Man, the evil leader behind the trafficking, and his thugs do everything in their power to keep the girl in their clutches.
But when one of their own has a Damascus Road experience, their evil plans begin to crumble. Joshua, Holly, Lady Wisdom, and a band of others, including local law enforcement and their new confidential informant, join forces in an effort to bring the young girl home

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