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Authors Innovative Marketing Speaker’s Bureau

 We are a group of independent authors with a wide range of life-experiences, which we would love to share with our neighbors in Josephine and Jackson Counties. We would like to speak at your event with the possibility of offering our books for back-of-room sales. Our panels offer techniques, attitudes, and practical tips for aspiring writers of all ages. 

 Does your classroom, group, or club need:

  • A speaker for a meeting or organization.
  • A 3-4 author panel to share insights into the “Writing Life.”
  • How-to talks on: Writing short stories; effective self-editing; memoir writing; publishing avenues.
  • Let us develop a specific topic for you from 45-50 minutes. Or arrange a workshop with a specific author.

 Contact an author (below) to arrange a presentation.

To arrange a Multi-Speaker Panel contact

 Author/Speakers List

 Compton, Leslie        

Professional musician, a teacher of music, child birth education and memoir writing, a quilter and fabric artist. Graduated from Cal-State in Hayward. Have given talks on Dearest Minnie (Great White Fleet) using powerpoint presentation. Taught classes at OLLI in Ashland on this subject. Authored The Forgotten Artist, a pictorial biography of artist Evylena Nunn Miller.

Topics I am interested in speaking about: Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet of 1907-1909 in postcards. A caregiver’s journey; how to prepare. Points of a good writer. The life and work of Evylena Nunn Miller, an artist.

Contact me at:              541 761-7605

 Coon, Cherie         

Author, former teacher who was living in Berlin when The Wall came down. Traveled extensively in Europe as an army wife and teacher of military kids. Taught school for 25 years and frequent speaker at Kiwanis Club. Writes historical with a dose of fantasy.

Topics I’m interested in speaking about: 1. The Fall of the Berlin Wall; 2. Bicycling on your own in Germany; 3. Modern Day Camp Follower—Life as a Military Spouse; 4. Life in the Wall—Living in West Berlin; 5. Uncharacteristic Development in Your Writing.

Contact me at:     541 479-0212 or cell  909 532-2785

Dickerson, Judy  

Bio: GPHS grad, attended OSU plus five community colleges (transfers with husband’s career), BS at SOSC,  MS at SOU. Classroom teacher for Josephine Co Schools, County 4-H Agent/OSU School of Education (retired as Assoc. Professor). I was commissioned to write OREGON 4H FORESTRY : published by OSU press 2004. I was married (and widowed after 54 yrs) to Clay Dickerson, ORE Dept Forestry Mgt Forester. His memoir FIRE AT MY FEET  was published 2019.

 Topics I’m interested in speaking about

  • Basic Forest Science.
  • Insights into local history of wildland firefighting.
  • Some past forest management practices.    541 837-3730

Handover, Paul

 Born in London in 1944. Studied at London University, then worked as a salesman for a number of years. Freelance reporter for a Finnish magazine in 1969. Back to selling for IBM UK from 1970 to 1978. Started my own company in 1978 that was subsequently sold to investors in 1986. Freelance sales and marketing consultant until leaving the UK in 2008 to come to America via Mexico. Started blogging in 2009 and published my first book in 2015.

 Topics I’m interested in speaking about: Dogs, Integrity, Blogging.

Special interests: Seeking the truth, Learning from Dogs

Contact me at:                    541 476-7383

 Lane, Nancy

 With a B.A. degree from UCLA, and a former career in aerospace and in other industries, Nancy teaches writing at libraries and at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Southern Oregon University. Her stories have been published in many online publications, and her collection, Pretty Chrysanthemum and Other Stories, was published by Open Books Publishing in 2020.

 Topics I’m interested in speaking about: Panel Discussions focused on a theme:

Why Fiction Writers Do So Much Research

How Authors Make Characters Come Alive

Write What You Know—You’d Be Surprised What Authors Know

Quality Fiction—What It Is and How Authors Deliver It

Or a theme of interest to your organization

Contact me at:           971 235-5501

Leonard, Sherry

Lived five years in northern Chile in a mining camp at 10,000 feet. On returning to the States, attended graduate school, receiving a Ph.D. in Biochemistry/Biophysics in 1986. Joined the faculty at the University of Colorado Medical School in Psychiatry in 1989; my laboratory did research in molecular neuroscience on nicotinic receptors and schizophrenia. Retired as a full Professor and Endowed Chair in Children’s Mental Disorders Research, moving to Grants Pass 3 years ago. Have two sons who are surgeons; the oldest, Mark Simchuk lives here with his family in Grants Pass. In retirement, I am writing fiction and poetry and enjoying grandchildren and gardening!

 Topics I’m interested in speaking about: Nicotine Addiction, Mental illness, Gene Editing, GMOs, Fiction Writing: Novel, ATACAMA, Northern Chile, Atacama desert, mining, archaeology

Contact me at: Sherry.Leonard!  541 295-8329 cell: 303-514-7357

 Long, Doranne PT, MS

Speaker and teacher. Doranne Long has practiced physical therapy since 1981 after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, WA. In 1988, completed a Master of Science in Physical Therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in Boston. She has lived and worked in Southern Oregon for more than 30 years and has spoken and taught for decades. She specializes as an orthopedic manual physical therapist. She believes it is vital to care for ourselves physically, as well as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She is passionate about empowering individuals, through education, to successfully manage their health.

 Topics I am interested in speaking about: Guide to Better Body Motion with Less Pain, and/or about AIM group/authors, writing books.

Contact me at:                  541 643-9289

Ransom, Heather S.

Middle school science teacher, owner of a pizza pub and cigar store, and believer in the magic of a great story. Author of Going Green (YA Sci Fi, released 2017) and Greener (July 2018) and other more recent titles. Experienced speaker from small book clubs to large national conferences. Comfortable with presentations, interactive group discussions, workshops and question/answer sessions. Her genre is Young Adult Science Fiction.

Topics I am interested in speaking about: Adult, High School or Middle School: Going Green, a Science Fiction Novel, Using Technology to Create Tension in Your Writing, Science Fiction- A Look into Our Future. High School: More than Me, More than Now- Analyzing Choices and Consequences in Everyday Life. Middle School: 3 Before Me- How to Make the Best Choices in Your Day-to-Day Life.

Contact me at:                   541 621-3519

Schroeder, Anne

 Award-winning author of 10 historical western novels, memoirs, and a short-story collection, including Walk the Promise Road, a novel of the Oregon Trail, and Norske Fields, a novel based on her great-grandparents and the Norwegian Colony of Southern California. Recipient of the Will Rodgers Medallion Award for inspirational historical fiction. Graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo; Past President of Women Writing the West; WILLA Literary Chair; Western Writers of America; presenter at national writers’ conferences. Inspirational speaker, writing instructor, small business owner, community volunteer.

Topics I am interested in speaking about: Remembering Ourselves: Baby Boomers in the 60s and 70s. Self-Editing Skills Every Fiction Writer Needs; Tips for Polishing your Writing (to save your reputation and your pocketbook.) The Two Oregon Trails, the Columbia Route and Applegate Trail. How Hollywood Invented the West. Write Your Memoir and Save Your Aging Brain. The Power of Three Minutes. My talks are light-hearted, entertaining, and inspirational.

Contact me at:   541 479-2284  805 835-5337

Tate, Karen      

Thought leader, speaker, seven-times published author, podcaster and social justice activist, Karen is a Caring Economy Conversation leader and Power of Partnership presenter.  She has a certification from Smith College in the Psychology of Political Activism:  Women Changing the World. She can be seen in the award-winning docu-film, Femme: Women Healing the World.  She has been named one of thirteen Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality and bestowed an honorary Doctorate of Ministry by the community for her years of service.  Her newest book, Normalizing Abuse: A Commentary on Our Pervasive Culture of Abuse is scheduled to be published in January along with the return of her long-running podcast, Voices of the Sacred.

 Topics I am interested in speaking about: Sacred Places of Goddess (International & Domestic); Goddess Artifacts in Louvre Museum in Paris; Goddess Artifacts in British Museum in London; Normalizing Abuse – Recognizing & Rejecting Abuse & Exploitation;The Partnership Way – With Self, Immediate Circle, Community, World, Divine Source; How to Be Happy; Relevance of the Divine Feminine; Deity, Archetype and Ideal; Art of Sacred Travel or Pilgrimage; Meditations, Blessings, Invocations, Rituals. (I’ve been speaking about these topics since 2005.)  

 Previous speaking experience: I’ve been contracted to give talks to college groups, religious congregations, Joseph Campbell Roundtables, Parliament of World Religions, American Academy of Religion, Sunday Services, Travel Groups.

 Her other titles include:  Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations,  Walking An Ancient Path, Goddess Calling, Voices of the Sacred Feminine; Conversations to Change Our World, Awakening the Feminine and Goddess 2.0.  Karen is an inter-faith minister who leads sacred tours.  She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of 35+ years and their feline daughter, Lilly. 

Contact me at:                     310 450 6661 (no texts)

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