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Leslie spent her life as a professional musician, elementary school teacher, music teacher, childbirth educator, quilter for children in need, fabric artist and writer. She loves to share and bring new insights to others and her books provide a path for that. Leslie both teaches and attends OLLI classes at SOU, Ashland. She enjoys giving talks about Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet, her first book, and creating situations to discuss issues during a terminal illness, based on her second book.

Leslie moved to Southern Oregon in 2001.  Most mornings will find her walking the Bear Creek trail enjoying the many changes the seasons provide then having coffee while immersed in a great book.  She has two wonderful, talented grown sons living outside of Oregon.

She is currently working on her fourth book.

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Website: www.LeslieCompton.com 

This is a memoir detailing the journey my father and I traveled as he battled prostate cancer while weaving through memories of happier times.  The physical, emotional and medical experiences we both encountered are played out in detail.

This memoir was written for those who have lost a loved one, those who are caregivers, and those who are training to be caregivers.

At the conclusion are discussion suggestions to be used in a group situation to prepare readers for the journey ahead.

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This is a wonderfully accurate portrayal of Teddy Roosevelt’s 43,000-mile, 14-month goodwill tour seldom told in depth in history books. Extrapolated from and including over 200 actual (collectible) postcards sent home to “Dearest Minnie,” this book is an engaging narrative as seen through the eyes of an enlisted sailor aboard the USS Virginia.

On 12 December 1907, over one hundred years ago, Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet sailed into the history books. Comprised of sixteen battleships and manned by 14,000 sailors and marines under the command of Rear Admiral Robley “Fighting Bob” Evans, the American fleet set out from Hampton Roads, Virginia to visit 20 ports on six continents before returning to Hampton Roads, Virginia on 22 February 1909.

Dearest Minnie, a sailor’s story, is an engaging written and pictorial narrative about the battleships, the political climate, the animals aboard ship, the various cultures, the entertainment, the unexpected mishaps as well as the budding romance between a Virginia sailor and his “Dearest Minnie.” The full-color collectible postcard images follow the fleet as it sails to each port. Included in the book is a detailed description of each card and photo.
Considered as one of the greatest peacetime achievements in US Navy history, Dearest Minnie, a sailor’s story, offers something for everyone: postcard collectors, history enthusiasts, and
romantics. You only need a love for history and a desire to learn something new.

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Leslie and a friend at a SF Postcard Club Mtg book signing and talk

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