Marie Neder

Marie was born by the San Diego sea in the year Nineteen Hundred & Fifty Three.  Her father was in the military (Go Navy), and from day one until age 13, her family moved from place to place it seemed, every year.  She is no stranger to being “the new kid at school” or being introduced to new places and faces, from the East coast to the West coast.  Marie believes it has served her well by teaching her to be both the observer and someone who easily interacts with others.

Marie spent most of her early adult years living and working in Southern California.  After graduating from Van Nuys High School, she and attended both L.A. Pierce and California State University, Northridge where she obtained A.A. and B.A. degrees, respectively.  She’s lived in many areas of the western US, from Southern California to Reno, Nevada and currently in Southern Oregon where she continues to live and enjoy this beautiful part of our country.

Marie has published two books, both of which include her original photography. She continues to journal, enjoy nature and photograph.  She is never without some kind of camera.

Marie’s Mission Statement: “I believe my purpose today, is to assist individuals through the art of journaling and documenting, with the ability to be involved in their own well-being.”


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