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    Karin Grace has dedicated her life to personal growth pivoting on sexual understanding, healing, and expression. She’s been a sex-positive entertainer for twelve years, a guest-lecturer for college human sexuality classes, and an assistant facilitator for psycho- therapy workshops. Her blog, at HotBloodedStudies.com, discusses sexual issues with an emphasis on honesty and responsibility.

    Hot Blooded: a sexual resurrection combines personal memoir with frank social commentary, shining new light into old places to reveal the truth and the lies about sex. Discussing female sexuality in depth, offering a crisp, urgent perspective on feminism, and introducing compassionate sexual humanism, this book is an edgy, earnest call to action. For all genders, young and old, it’s an intimate, irreverent, and provocative pilgrimage back to our natural state in order to achieve more vital expression, more honest relationships, and a more richly rewarding sexual experience.

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