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Nancy Lane, who earned a B.A. degree with a major in Mathematics and a minor in English from UCLA, began writing short stories after years of industry related writing and teaching. Her stories have been published in many online publications and in the print anthology, “The Best of Fiction on the Web.” Her story collection, “Pretty Chrysanthemum and Other Stories,” was published by Open Books Publishing in 2020. Nancy and her husband moved to the Rogue Valley from the Portland area in 2019.

“Pretty Chrysanthemum and Other Stories” is a collection of 16 short stories. Five stories feature historical content, highlighting social issues relevant today. For example, the title story, “Pretty Chrysanthemum,” challenges an immigrant to make a heartbreaking decision to leave his American born son to search in China for his deported wife. Eleven contemporary stories also pose challenging situations, including a story about a father and daughter on the run with an AMBER alert issued about them and another about a woman’s adult son missing after crashing his car in the desert. These stories remind readers how family is at the core of human experience and how relationships rely on the power of love to overcome challenges.

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