Anna Weber

Life has been kind to Anna Weber Stearns, allowing an exciting career path that crossed many barriers—from clothing designer to Bar-Certified Paralegal; from senior administrative positions to life and business coach, and ultimately, an entrepreneur at heart—a publisher for the past two decades

By day… she feeds her passion to serve other entrepreneurs who want to be game changers, visionary strategists, and influencers in life… helping writers at all levels to convey their messages through books.

By night… she allows many other activities and community service to revitalize her creativity.

To that end, she has:

  • Launched Voices in Print Publishing– a small publisher serving debut authors.
  • Wrote and published numerous books related to personal development, as well as others addressing various aspects of writing, publishing and book marketing.
  • Developed online courses: The Debut Author’s Critical Path and The Intentional Book Launch.
  • Chosen Publisher of the Year 2017, Chandler, Arizona.
  • Introduced in excess of 100 authors (2009-2018) to the Author’s Critical Path process to ensure they took the right steps, at the right time and for the right reason—rather than being immobilized by the daunting tasks of publishing.
  • Received the Spirited Woman Top Pick award (2016)
  • Provided Keynote presentations for Arbonne and Mercedes female executives, eWomen Network, and various Arizona Chambers of Commerce, as well as several writing groups across the U.S.
  • Received the coveted Woman of the Year Award for Business and Professional Women (Arizona 2004).
  • Served as President of key professional networking groups: Success Dynamics, BNI, and LeTip.
  • Recently achieved Amazon International Best Seller Status in three categories.

It is her hope to help others explore how publishing allows them to deliver transformational, creative, and influential messages of wisdom and expertise.


From Beginning to End: How to Write and Publish a Children’s Book

Kindle Edition
GENRE: Publishing and Books
Publisher: Voices in Print Publishing
Publication Date: February 1, 2019
*PRINT version to be released April 2019.

FOR THE BETTER part of two decades Weber has been privileged to assist debut authors to navigate the often overwhelming, confusing, and immobilizing maze known as publishing. During that time, she has encountered a plethora of writers aspiring to write a children’s book; each comes with a bucket-full of questions to which they must have answers before enough confidence exists to take the next step… or the next… or the next.

This book responds to those questions. It provides a pathway to understanding:

  • How publishing a children’s book is different from the path followed for books written for adults.
  • The various aspects that will lead a writer to look for a traditional publisher or take the journey as a self-published author.
  • Important facts every children’s book author should know.
  • The essential steps to publish any children’s book.
  • How the journey is changed when self-publishing becomes the choice.
  • The Critical Path… keeping you doing the right things, at the right time, and for the right reasons.
  • The valuable resources available to children’s book authors.

Quilting 101: A Beginning Quilter’s Guide: History and Styles, Tools, Tips, Techniques, and the
Resources That Make Quilting a Rich Experience

Kindle Edition
GENRE: Quilts and Quilting
Publisher: Voices in Print (January 1, 2019)
Publication Date: January 1, 2019

*Print version to be released in April 2019

If you are a beginning quilter, this book is for you! It contains In these pages, you will find a plethora of information, from the brilliant men who created sewing machines and allowed a purely functional task to be converted to an ever-evolving art, to the history of quilting itself. Your eyes will be opened to the many tools necessary for a great quilting experience, and your mind to the things a beginning quilter can expect.

Tools, tips, and techniques will lead you to myriad styles of quilting. Yes, Jane… there is a quilting favorite for everyone. Finally, Weber-Stearns shares with you the many resources she has gathered over the years, and short exercises in using the Internet to expand your awareness of glossary terms, fabric clubs, retreats, and galleries and museums.

Abundantly You! On Purpose in Business: Designing a Life and Business (Bounceback) (Volume 3)

GENRE: Women and Business
ASIN: 0692420118
ISBN-13: 978-0692420119
Publisher: Voices in Print Publishing
Publication Date: April 25, 2015

Life, business and economics, women in business… they do go hand in hand! But, quite frankly, setbacks in life and business happen! It takes focused effort, support, tools, tips, and limitless ongoing learning to forge through. In this anthology, eight courageous women share super successful business building strategies with a fresh approach…from within. Each contributor shows others how to stand in their power to run a business, become aligned with their values and beliefs with business action and offer other business concepts as dynamic and transformational business experts – all leading to a better place in what we call Abundantly You! On Purpose in Business. Our mission and message is paramount to women, leaders, professionals and other entrepreneurs during this time. The goal: to share these messages to help many people en masse to find align their purpose, use their divine gifts in talents in business, be inspired and bold enough to implement steps to make it so! The book celebrates entrepreneurship, spirituality, wealth, riches and abundance in all areas, which is what happens when you decide to create financial freedom in life.

Miracles Momentum & Manifestation: Unleash the Secret Powers to Having the Life You Desire: Momentum Through Manifesting and Miracles

Kindle Edition/Print
GENRE: Women’s Personal Growth
ISBN-10: 1499215762
ISBN-13: 978-1499215762
Publisher: Voices in Print
Publication Date: October 19, 2014

This empowering literary collection of eight women authors… Miracles, Momentum and Manifestation offers myriad topics that stir the soul.

We all have varied needs and responses to each. This, the second in the “Breakthrough” anthology series is a collective of wide-ranging experiences and life transformations that were often looked at as miracles.


  • recognizing the biggest secret lies within you – to learning to listen to the messages the world sends you;
  • becoming a “thriver” in the midst of depression – to finding the miracles in broken or unhealthy relationships;
  • finding a positively divine and beautifully abundant recipe for life – to breaking the mantra, “not good enough;” and
  • the story of a woman who, through the miracle of her daughter’s life, began to realize that her own life was precious and worth living – to discovering how your life would be different if you learned how to tap into your desires and discover a manifestation process that becomes the essence of fulfilling the greatest of them.

Eight passionate and accomplished writers share different and individual life journeys sure to touch the hearts of readers everywhere. Each story reveals what the authors experienced in their deepest, darkest places, and just when they thought there was nowhere else to go… they found a miracle that encouraged them to keep going.

The common theme is hope, in the face of distressing circumstances, and gratitude that at the very moment you feel there is no way beyond your situation, you will find a way the impossible becomes possible.

{An} Unsinkable Soul: Life as I Know It.

Kindle Edition/Print
GENRE: Self-Esteem
ISBN-10: 1494974126
ISBN-13: 978-1494974121
Publisher: Anna Weber | Voices in Print
Publication Date: January 30, 2014

Quite frankly…life happens! In {An} Unsinkable Soul readers will find stories by purpose-directed authors who have learned to bounce back from life’s challenges, creating Unsinkable concepts they have come to live… as dynamic and transformational experts who want to lead others to a better place in what we call LIFE!

{An} Unsinkable Soul was written to encourage readers to look differently at life challenges, and in bouncing back from them… to continue moving forward. At the end of the day, readers will find hope and love in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. Each author’s story is different but shaped in such a way that readers will find lessons, strategies, guidance, and empowerment to live more fulfilled and meaningful lives. Look at the author list and you will find it reflects a panel of well-respected and highly sought-after experts in the self-help, peak performance, life and success coaching in a “real- life” industry!

The mission and message of {An} Unsinkable Soul is paramount to other women, leaders, service professionals, and entrepreneurs – more now than ever before – by acting as change agents for people who are seeking to find their purpose, be inspired and bold enough to meet life’s challenges face on, and be Unsinkable on that journey. Whether your challenge is recovering from the topsy-turvy economy, job losses or budget cuts, or reeling from a natural disaster or poignant personal moments and losses that will never make the news… the book remains an evergreen resource to help you heal, bounce back and find yourself… Unsinkable!

Life as I Know It… is a purposeful look at adapting to life being mercurial, learning to courageously step away from situations or events that do not best serve our being the best representation of ourselves, and discovering how to face life head-on, bouncing back and continuing to enjoy the journey.

Discover Your Inner Strength

Kindle Edition
GENRE: Motivational
ASIN: B00J9478HG
Publisher: Insight Publishing
Publication Date: March 25, 2014

A highly empowering anthology, Discover Your Inner Strength brings together twenty-two contributors, including best-selling authors Stephen R. Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), Brian Tracy (Million Dollar Habits), Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager), and Anna Weber (Breakthrough Writing Strategies, Winning the Author’s Inner Game, and {An} Unsinkable Soul: Life as I Know It…)

Ms. Weber’s chapter, The Four Dimensions of Success, is a rich discussion with David Wright, about experiencing four primary mind shifts which allow Entrepreneurs and Service Professionals to develop life skills, supporting her premise that “business success cannot be forced from the inside; it must evolve by first addressing the “inner game” and growing a business that supports core values and a chosen lifestyle.” Weber further believes It is only at that point of congruence – when life and business are in balance that one is free to accelerate his/her success – and draws her readers through not only her motivation for creating 4-Dimensional success, but a glimpse of each of those four dimensions.

Dr. Kenneth Blanchard’s chapter address the important concept that “Attitude is Everything.” Dr. Stephen Covey advocates a “A Values-Based Approach” to discovering your inner strength. Brian Tracy recommends “Using Strategy to Discover Your Inner Strength.” This broad collective of authors were selected because they are specialists in their field; knowing firsthand what it means to delve deeply in finding the inner strength that is the foundation for the success they how enjoy. Time-honored wisdom, courage, conviction and direction… each play into the strategies you can draw on to challenge life, and are encompassed in “Discover Your Inner Strength.”

BREAKTHROUGH Writing Strategies: Demystifying the Challenges Faced by Debut Authors

Kindle Edition
GENRE: Publishing and Books
Publication Date: October 17, 2013

This book is for you if you are a debut author who is blocked by writing challenges, yet seriously interested in being successfully published and in need of more information about writing strategies to make authorship and publishing… shift from a mere dream to an exciting reality?

There has never been a better time in history to write a book… and become highly compensated for leaving your mark on the world. On the one hand, technology makes it easy for us to share our entertaining wit, or our wisdom and industry expertise. On the other hand, a process that has long been considered rather elitist and cumbersome is experiencing added layers of confusion and doubt. If you feel you have a message to impart, but also find you have not the first idea of how to take your “concept” to a highly marketable product – this book is for you!

To take the lead—or at the very least—to stay ahead of the pack in your profession requires you to learn more about your industry than others, and do so more quickly. At the end of that process, not only have you accelerated years of attaining knowledge… you have most likely developed a genuine writing ability on a subject that is of interest to a large number of people.

Debut authors will devour the pages of this book; they will benefit greatly from a guide that shortens the learning curve in a clear, easy-to- understand and knowledgeable tone designed to begin—and extend—the life of every book whose message is needed by the world. Information, resources, and connections… each is drawn through the personal experience of the author and the advice and inspiration of other experts.

If you have just started writing and want a good overview of publishing, you can get an idea of what is ahead of you; if you are a newly published author, you may find the answers to questions you didn’t know to ask!

Winning the Author’s Inner Game (Promoting Your Book on a Shoestring)

Kindle Edition
GENRE: Publishing and Books
Publisher: Voices in Print
Publication Date: December 13, 2011

A NEW edition scheduled for April 2019

Winning the Author’s Inner Game is dedicated to every savvy entrepreneur and service professional who has an abiding passion to share the wealth of their expert status to a collective of readers who look to them for support, guidance and that extra “something” that will help them along a new, exciting and fulfilling personal life journey.

The success of a book is more easily achieved when the Author embraces the power of understanding the inner workings that often prevents highly-skilled professionals from sharing their wisdom. Using real-life examples Ms. Weber utilizes an easy to understand, logical, and inspiring approach to assist those ready to publish and the reluctant authors who might be wondering what to do next. This first piece gives an overview of the emotions a first-time author experiences and how best to deal with them.


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