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Frank Morin is a storyteller, an outdoor enthusiast, and an eager traveler. He is the author of the epic teen fantasy series, The Petralist. Set in Stone kicks off the series, which is known for its big magic, big adventure, and lots of humor. Frank also writes The Facetakers, fast-action time-travel fantasy thrillers.

When not writing or trying to keep up with his active family, he’s often found hiking, camping, Scuba diving, or traveling to research new books. Frank is a member of SFWA. Find out more about his novels and his shorter fiction, or join his readers’ group at:

 The Petralist – epic teen fantasy


  • Set in Stone – Book 1                            (ebook, paperback, hardcover, audiobook)
  • A Stone’s Throw – Book 2                    (ebook, paperback, hardcover, audiobook)
  • No Stone Unturned – Book 3               (ebook, paperback, hardcover)
  • Affinity for War – Book 4                      (ebook, paperback, hardcover)
  • When Torcs FlyA Petralist novella  (ebook, paperback)

The Facetakers – time-travel fantasy thrillers


  • Saving Face – Prequel novella                      (ebook, paperback)
  • Memory Hunter – Book 1                               (ebook, paperback, hardcover)
  • Rune Warrior – Book 2                                    (ebook, paperback, hardcover)
  • Face Lift – A Facetaker short story              (ebook)

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