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Cherie Coon is a retired DoDDS educator who spent many years teaching the children of our military stationed in Germany. While there, she married David and they currently live in Grants Pass, Oregon. When not writing, she enjoys working in her flower gardens, canning the vegetables David grows and quilting.

Published Works
Yani and the Knapper – The journey
* Historical fiction

If you are looking for a feel-good book, this is it. The action starts with Yani finding she had been traded to the old traveling flint knapper for the spear points her father needs to hunt for the family. You ask, “How can this be a feel-good book?” Rather than a life in a village where she is considered a difficult child, Yani’s life becomes one of adventures beyond her wildest dreams. As the old man and the girl travel through a fantasy stone age land, a warm father-daughter bond develops. This book has humor, wolves, bears, blizzards and more.

  Yani and the Seapeople – Take

* Historical Fiction

It has been a year since the Knapper has crossed over to the Otherside. Except for Wolf, Yani is now alone in the shelter by the sea. The story starts on a muggy foggy day with Yani dozing on the ledge. The fog makes things eerily quiet. Wolf growls and there in the fog is a man. But is it one of the Seapeople? Yani quickly grabs her sling just in case. It is common knowledge the Seapeople kidnap women and children. Even the Knapper feared them. But who is this intruder?

Yani and Etta – A New Beginning

* Historical Fiction

Life at Yani’s beach had become less lonely. Family and friend have built houses in the meadow. It is beginning it look like a new village will grow there. But everything can change in the flash of a spark.

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