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John Chambers started teaching the Constitution in 1991, mostly to neighborhood groups, but he’s managed to teach a few High School classes too. He believes self-government is the key to a happy life and that the Constitution is the shining example of that.

“We don’t teach ABOUT the Constitution,” he says. “Going through it word-by-word, section-by-section, we study the document itself.”

When he moved to Grants Pass, Oregon, he started the Josephine County Constitution Study Group. Local elected officials have been known to attend.  The local representative to the state legislature, who also owns the hometown radio station, invited Mr. Chambers to record a series of shows going through the founding documents as a monthly Study Group on the Air.

In 2017, he started sending daily emails to his study group. Friends told friends. Soon the list went national. He “teaches” email by email on the Constitution and what it means to YOUR life. John’s National website is
You can subscribe to his list through that site.

Mr. Chambers’ study guide going through the Constitution section-by-section is used by private schools and by homeschoolers across the county.  It is available on Amazon.

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