Claire Kulikowski

“Have you ever done something believing you understood all the reasons for it, only to realize afterward that there were purposes beyond any you’d previously comprehended?”  I ask that question in the introduction to my India travel memoir, Moonlight on the Ganga.

I had been working as a corporate business manager before deciding to resign one day, tired of the 12-hour, 6 days a week job that seemed to scorch me into misery and which had separated me from my love of writing and freelance career I’d enjoyed prior. India had never been on my “Top-10-List-of-Places-I’ve-Gotta-Visit” list, seeming to be a strange land, reportedly very poor, rampant with disease, odd religious beliefs and a multitude of gods and dialects. Shortly after resigning, though, I was offered the opportunity to travel to Rishikesh, India. I said “no thanks,” at first, but continually prompted by some inner voice, I finally decided to accept the offer. The power of saying “Yes” to new opportunities began unfolding.

Unlike my typical, sharp, focused self that planned and followed a decided-upon route, in India I would follow nudges, wandering everywhere, particularly along the Ganges River banks of Rishikesh. I accepted that whomever or whatever presented itself to me was there for a reason as I began seeing life as though through non-physical eyes. Whether drinking scalding coffee on chilled mornings, meeting a pilgrim on the sands, being sat upon by a sacred cow, being stalked by a boy with Elephantiasis, talking with a begging leper, setting candles afloat downstream, and other encounters, each one offered respite, insight, adventure, and happiness.

Moonlight on the Ganga is a simple book of great consequence. When you are in the flow, you are at one with the River of Life.



Title of Book: Moonlight on the Ganga                                   Publisher: Open Road Media
Genre: Travel Memoir/Spirituality
Formats: Print and e-book






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