Judi Holdeman

Judi Holdeman

Author Judi Holdeman took a parenting class before the birth of her fourth child. He turned out to be such a well-adjusted and caring person, she knew she had done the right thing by following what she had learned. Now she is passing on these special tips that you can use while raising your own children.

In order to be the parent we want to be, we must be creative in ways that lead our children into a life of self-confidence and happiness, in spite of the way we might have been raised.  Pausing for a moment to think about what effect our actions will have on our children and our relationship with them, when they are acting out, is the moment in which we can choose to be artistic in our parenting.  The tips in this book are some you can choose to use in that moment of wondering “what can I do to lovingly guide my kid?”




Artful Parenting, Simple Tips for Raising Awesome Kids


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