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Doug Oudin served as harbormaster on Catalina Island for 32 years. His first book, Between Two Harbors, Reflections of a Catalina Island Harbormaster, relates his experiences as harbormaster, his involvement in the death of actress Natalie Wood, and the challenges of raising two sons on a remote island that is a world unto its own.
From life-threatening storms, to unique and sometimes incredible experiences on land and sea, his story is a wonderful insight into a lifestyle that is hard to imagine still exists.
Written from the heart, this memoir reflects his love of his family, his respect of the sea, and the magnetic appeal that so many people have for the ‘Island of Romance’.
His second book, an ocean-going adventure/romance novel, Five Weeks to Jamaica, is now live on Amazon and other retail book sites.
”Five Weeks to Jamaica’ is an action-packed adventure that follows four young friends on an exciting ocean voyage down the coast of Mexico, Central America, through the Panama Canal to Jamaica, and beyond. Their journey is filled with excitement, danger, romance, and the type of sexual interactions that one might expect on a 147′ motor yacht carrying thirty passengers on an extended ocean cruise. From exotic ports to unexpected personal encounters and revelations, this seafaring odyssey will keep you raptly entertained.



Five Weeks To Jamaica


Between Two Harbors

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