Constance Frankland

Constance Frankland (also writing under the name Connie Bates) co-authored one of the country’s earliest post-Lamaze consumer-oriented prepared childbirth handbooks, Toward a Better Beginning, used in childbirth education classes and college courses and sold around the world. Constance’s short play scripts have won awards, been published, and were produced in small venues; her essays, fiction, short plays, and poetry have been published in Artella magazine, The Artella Daily Muse online newspaper, Gathering Figs, Saxifrage, The Tacoma News Tribune, Transition Times, Vicky Lansky’s Practical Parenting, Better Business Bureau newsletters, and Christian church publications; her original radio ads have aired on Southern Oregon’s KCMD/99.3. Constance’s copyediting credits include Land of Promise by Jim Rawles; Thailand Calling: Following Jesus Cross-Culturally (A Missionary’s Journey on the Frontiers) by Rynier Kruger; Finding Faith by Ellie Pulikonda; Abba Acres by Diana DiMaggio; and Marketing Survival Guide by Richard Emmons. Constance lives in Southern Oregon with her husband Kenneth and Mister Darcy, a most amiable Border Collie.

Books: Quinsey, and Eileen Seeley. Toward a Better Beginning: A Guide for Prepared Childbirth. Illus. Dani Burke. Tacoma WA: Bates Vocational/Technical Institute/Family Life Dept. 1981, rev. 1982. Print.

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